I contain multitudes!

I apply Process Philosophy to my life and it is allowing me to discover everything with new eyes. I am interconnected to everything.

Walt Whitman understood Process and he unfolded it through poetry.
From Leaves of Grass:


O TAKE my hand, Walt Whitman!

Such gliding wonders! Such sights and sounds!

Such joined unended links, each hooked to the next!

Each answering all—each sharing the earth with all.

What widens within you, Walt Whitman?

What waves and soils exuding? What climes?

What persons and lands are here?

Who are the infants? Some playing, some slum-bering?

Who are the girls? Who are the married women? Who are the three old men going slowly with their arms about each others’ necks?

What rivers are these? What forests and fruits are these?

What are the mountains called that rise so high in

the mists?

What myriads of dwellings are they, filled with dwellers?

Within me latitude widens, longitude lengthens, Asia, Africa, Europe, are to the east—America is provided for in the west
(Art from the original book by Margaret Cook)


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