Kathleen Rose is a Certified life coach, Celebrant, Artist and Writer

My name is Kathleen Rose and I am the Founder + CEO of Whole Being Coaching, a boutique coaching firm located in Claremont, California 

I am a certified Life Coach, ordained Interfaith Minister with a Master’s of Divinity degree with an emphasis on process philosophy. I am a certified Hoʻoponopono practitioner. I am also certified in Jungian Archetype Studies.

I am also a writer, poet and artist. I incorporate creativity into my coaching process. My unique approach to coaching is based on Ancient wisdom, Eastern spiritual insight combined with Carl Jung’s process of Individuation and the principles of Alfred North Whitehead’s process-relational worldview, and practices for physical well-being. Together, they provide a powerful framework for profound  transformation and the way to create a life from your deepest driving desires.

 I follow a Celtic spiritual path. I am involved in interfaith peace work in my community. Through this work I began a volunteer project with a Syrian refugee family living near San Bernadino California. The interaction with this family has taken me on a journey of love and friendship that has let me to examine my own culturally held beliefs. We are always in the process of growth.  

I am a student of Japanese Tea Ceremony through the international Chado Urasenke Tankokai associations of the Urasenke school in Kyoto, Japan. The international outreach was created by my hero SEN Genshitsu, to promote Peace throughout the world with the practice of serving tea. Sen Genshitsu summed it up in the words, “Peacefulness through a Bowl of Tea.   

I am a writer and artist. My poetry is published in Poetry Quarterly, River Poets Journal, the Altadena Poetry Review Anthology 2017 and, Open Horizons 2020, Becomings Collective, and the Lullwater Review 2020.    My art has been on display at the dA Art Gallery in Pomona California and the Ontario Museum or Art and History, Ontario, California.   

My stories can be found on the Huffington Post. https://www.huffpost.com/author/kathleen-jacobson  I am a seminary student at All Paths Divinity School and seeking ordination.

Becoming. Believing. Belonging

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