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The Relational World

“As we return to our senses, we gradually discover our sensory perceptions to be simply our part of a vast interpenetrating webwork of perceptions and sensations borne by countless other bodies – supported, that is, not just by ourselves, but by icy streams tumbling down graphic slopes, by owl wings and lichens, and by the unseen, imperturbable wind… a profoundly carnal field, as this…

You are a Being in Process

Hello and welcome! However you found your way here, I’m really glad you did, and it’s wonderful to meet you.  At times, we have all struggled between the life we have and the life we want. And we ascribe our good fortune to luck and our difficulties to fate. But what if I told you there’s a way to understand yourself and your choices…

I contain multitudes!

I apply Process Philosophy to my life and it is allowing me to discover everything with new eyes. I am interconnected to everything. Walt Whitman understood Process and he unfolded it through poetry.From Leaves of Grass: 1 What widens within you, Walt Whitman? What waves and soils exuding? What climes? What persons and lands are here? Who are the infants? Some playing, some slum-bering? Who…