The Relational World

“As we return to our senses, we gradually discover our sensory perceptions to be simply our part of a vast interpenetrating webwork of perceptions and sensations borne by countless other bodies – supported, that is, not just by ourselves, but by icy streams tumbling down graphic slopes, by owl wings and lichens, and by the unseen, imperturbable wind… a profoundly carnal field, as this very dimension of smells and tastes and chirping rhythms warmed by the sun and shivering with seeds. It is, indeed, nothing other than the biosphere – the matrix of earthly life in which we ourselves are embedded… the biosphere as it is experienced and lived from within by the intelligent body – by the attentive human animal who is entirely a part of the world that he, or she, experiences.”
~ Maurice Merleau-Ponty, The Visible and the Invisible

We are part of the interconnected web of life. Everything that is done by anyone has ripple effects that are sometimes large or sometimes small. All of life is a process of happenings in a relational world. With this in mind, everything that we do matters. We are powerful beyond our understanding. It is possible to awaken to this truth. ~KR

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